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Quality work is 90% preparation. We use durable, non-toxic materials.

Licensed ~ Bonded ~ Insured ~ EPA Lead-Safe Certified Firm

  • Technique Options

    • Faux

    • Color-wash

    • White-wash

    • Glaze

    • Decorative Stains

    • Metallic & Patina Finishes

    • Venetian

    • Burnish

    • Many more, just ask!

    Paint – Stain – Refinish:

    Woodwork & Cabinetry:

    • Protective Coating

    • Butcher Block – Food Grade Quality

    • Restoration & Preservation

    interior chair with wallpaper background
  • We see an increasing design trend towards using wallpaper and wall coverings.

    • Innovative ‘Paste-the-Wall’ wallpapers

    • Eco-friendly options and solutions – custom consultations

    • Textures & special effects – flock, bead effects, metallic inks

    • Safe non-toxic wallpaper removal & retexturing

    • TIP: Powder rooms are ideal rooms for wallpaper.

    WALLPAPERS… New Trends and Innovations

    New trends are leaning toward flock, bead effects, and metallics. Nowadays our clients want papers that have special effects, textures and appear multi-dimensional.


    In decorating, form follows function and the new designs cater to those who like bling! Wallpapers are also best at capturing subtle natural beauty such as the color flow of sunrise or a cloudscape over the ocean. As well, your own favored images are now able to be made into wallpaper.

    Handcrafted wall coverings by top designers are highly desired for their sought-after fine quality and dynamic textures for walls designed to wow!

    Wallpaper innovations in the past few years take into consideration the environment and your health and by including the use of paper from sustainably managed forests approved by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

    Designs created with ZeroVOC paints allow for the elimination of traditional petroleum-based inks on non-toxic papers. Focus is on low-odor, natural ingredients instead of ammonia, formaldehyde, xylene, or other harmful ingredients.

    Some use raw materials, naturally occurring pigments in their purest forms allowing for unrivalled depth of color and durability.

  • Milk Paint – Traditional, Durable Heirloom Finish

    • Suitable for indoor and outdoor surfaces

    • Great for antique furniture, walls, & more

    • Heirloom quality, historical color palette

    • Fade-resistant

    • Non-toxic, Zero VOC

    • Naturally Mold resistant

    • Made from Casein, Lime, & Earth Pigments

    Clay Paint – Depth of Color & Texture

    • Unique textured finish

    • Naturally mold resistant

    • Fade-resistant

    • Non-toxic, Zero VOC

    Metallic Paint – Rustic Style or Modern Flare

    • Non-fading, non-tarnishing

    • Durable, non-toxic finish

    • Vibrant, Shimmering colors

    • Patina & oxidized finishes

    • Opaque, semi-opaque, or transparent

    Color Wash – Translucent or Watercolor effects

    • Improves Durability of Paints & Plasters

    • Non-toxic, Zero VOC

    Clay Plaster – Earthen Clay & Pigments

    • Unique textures & depth of color

    • Chemical free, non-allergenic

    • Regulates humidity & controls odors

    • Naturally mold resistant

    • Exceptional fade-resistance

    Lime Plaster – Unique Artisan Plaster

    • Crack & abrasion resistant

    • Fade resistant vibrant colors & washes

    • Impermeable to water

    • Chemical free, non-allergenic

    • Naturally mold resistant


1st PLACE "NATIONAL GREEN BUILDING AWARD" for Historical Renovation

1st PLACE "GREEN AWARD" for Residential Restoration

"BEST PAINTER" OF SANTA CRUZ COUNTY | 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

“BEST GREEN SERVICE | 2010, 2012 & 2013

"BEST GREEN BUSINESS" | 2014 & 2016

T. Paul Sek Certified Green Building Professionals

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